Body Panels (2/2019)

All Body Panels will be made out of Aluminium. I will use 1mm 99.5 Aluminium Panels for all sills an wooden covers, where no strength is necessary and 2mm Panels for everything else.
Tooling wise a vice a sandbag and hammers some dollies, a wheeling machine and a bead roller is what I have on hand.

To start I made a layout out of thick soft paper which I found  at the local hardware store as painting cover. As it is soft enough to lean into edges the templates for cutting were made fast.
Panels in paper

For the real deal I started with the aft panel and will
work myself forward.

Always left and right at the same time starting on one panel on the right side, the next panel on the left side.

All exept of the sills have a slight curvature. I think those very gentle curves a harder to make than deeper curves which are a bit more forgiving.

The panel include beaded stripes. The make those I turned a special roller.
But even rolling with the greatest care along a sharp sribed line the beads became a bit wobbly as they supposed to be dead straight.

I will have to correct that with a body file --the 2mm is not needed there anyway...